Leviston, Maine

People have been told to remain in their houses, even in the roughly 30-minute-distance from Leviston to the city of Bowdoin. The following was mentioned in a state police statement:

“The city of Bodoin will now be included in the shelter-in-place advisory and school closures. We are taking this action in reaction to the circumstance in which over a hundred federal and local investigators are attempting to track down Robert Card, a person of interest in the Leviston shooting.”

Please don’t leave your houses while this work is being done. Robert Card is a person of interest in the Leviston shooting, and the authorities are actively looking for him with the help of many detectives.
Robert Card is a resident of Bodoin and a person of interest, according to the police description of him in the preceding post.

Up until now, Leviston, the scene of the incident, has been under a “shelter-in-place” order.

Following last night’s events, some may be wondering how frequently large-scale shooting incidents occur in Maine:

Maine is ranked forty-first out of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. in terms of the number of gun-related fatalities in the US, according to data from Everytown for Gun Safety.

Maine has comparatively few gun-related killings compared to other states in the union. There, they make up just 7% of gun-related deaths, but 89% of all gun-related deaths are suicides.

The situation is very different on a national level. The same organization’s figures show that homicides account for about 36% of gun-related deaths in the US. According to their analysis, there was a 20% rise in gun-related fatalities in Maine between 2009 and 2018.

According to data compiled by Brady, an organization dedicated to ending gun violence, an average of 117 people are shot and murdered in the US each day.

The president of Brady, Chris Brown, reacted to the news of the widespread shooting in Leviston by saying on X, “This is not the ‘land of the free’ when we are not free from the daily threat of being shot and killed.”
The editor of the local Leviston news station remarked, “No one really knows how to proceed with the process,” while speaking from the city’s center during the police lockdown. They labeled the incident as the “largest mass shooting in Maine to date.”

The situation on the ground is “very fluid,” according to Marla Hoffman of the Sun Journal, who recently told BBC News 5 Live that local journalists are having trouble getting information on the killings from the authorities.

Speaking about the Leviston security operation, Hoffman stated, “There isn’t a lot of police force. It’s sufficient to cover the neighborhood. Crime is nothing new in Leviston; the opioid problem has had a significant impact on our community.”
“We’ve endured a lot there, but this is very different from anything we’ve had to deal with.”

On the Facebook page of “Schematics Bar and Grill,” the restaurant in Leviston that the gunman targeted, there is a memorial to the victims of the attack.

That says:

“I’m devastated by this. We are not as happy. Your entire universe abruptly collapses for no apparent reason. Great people have left our community. What kind of sense can we make of this? I’m praying for everyone.”

The community is struggling to deal with this tragic event’s lasting effects.
are stating that the second shooting location was the bowling alley SpareTime Recreation, which was around ten minutes’ drive from Leviston.

“There is a concern of at least 16 people being killed in the Leviston, Maine shooting that occurred Wednesday night.”

Robert Card, 40, has been listed by police as a person of interest; they characterize him as “armed and dangerous.” Numerous police from all throughout the state are participating in the search, even though the gunman is still at large.”

“Police responded to reports at two locations: Schematics Bar and Grill, a restaurant, and SpareTime Recreation, a bowling alley.”

“A mother, who was at SpareTime Recreation with her family during the shooting, says she lay on top of her 11-year-old daughter to protect her.”
“I have been barefoot for five hours,” states one additional witness, claiming to have spoken with American reporters at SpareTime Recreation.

Brandon, who declined to give his last name, told the Associated Press that he was wearing his bowling shoes when the gunfire began.

He continues, “I’ve been walking around barefoot for the past five hours.”

He talks about how he saw the gunman and then hurried to the bowling alley. Brandon found shelter in the place where bowling pins are kept, and he stayed there for almost ten minutes until the police showed up.

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